Blogmas Day 10: Things I Dislike About Christmas


Christmas is a great holiday but there are some things I don’t like about it. What I dislike the most is probably the weather around this time of the year. Snow is really annoying to drive in and clean off your car. It snowed yesterday and the only reason I was out and about was to do some errands. Otherwise, I would have been home sleeping. I’m just glad that where I live now I don’t have to shovel at all. 


Another thing I dislike are the expectations people have for how you need to spend your holiday season. This is specific to relationships. It sucks to be that person in your family that isn’t in a committed relationship. It’s like you still want to bring someone around but you’re not sure how he will feel. I’m really thankful that this year I have CB who is really special to me and I always want him around. And he likes being around my family which is a plus! 😍


This also triggers the next thing I dislike which is anxiety around getting presents. When you’re in that in between stage with someone you think twice about what kind of present you should get them. You don’t want to spend too much and feel like you went overboard. However, you also can’t help but treat someone you love to a special gift! I’m actually really excited to exchange gifts this year. I just hope CB loves it. 

hahha I guess the things I normally dislike are turning into things I like this year. 

What do you dislike about Christmas?