Hardest Job: Being A Female


Where to even begin... 

I was having a conversation about what I’m looking for out of life and it really made me think about the expectations people place on females.

The expectations don't stop and it's like did we even ask for this ? No. You're born a female and there are just standards that you have to live by. Make sure to finish school and get a career so you can hold your own because what man will want you if you are not successful. And to add to the pressure of becoming successful, what man wants a woman that isn't beautiful. So now you have to make sure you keep your figure on point and maintain your hair, nails and keep your face beautiful. Oh wait, and make sure you know the basics like knowing how to cook, clean and do laundry. The list just continues. But I wanted to point out that as much as we do these things to better ourselves; in the end it's appreciated by the one thing we can't control, a man. 

Personally, I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready to take on more responsibilities. I’ve finished school and if I go further in my education to get my masters that's an added bonus. I’m currently working on securing my position in the corporate world in terms of my career. I live on my own. I pay my bills, I have my own car and I can take care of myself. What's next though... a relationship?

Is it safe to say that because I have squared away majority of my "life" checklist that I’m now waiting to share my life with a significant other. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying this in a negative way. I feel like I’m ready to take on that role. I want to care for someone else the same way I care for myself. I want to share my life experiences with that person in hopes of expanding our goals together.

But is this only true for me? No. These are valid thoughts that go through every female’s mind. Once we check off our to-do lists, we basically wait to be loved by someone. I won’t be specific to say loved by a man because love comes in different forms. But for argument's sake let’s say it is a man. We wait for a man to ask us out, wine &dine us, meet our family, go on trips, propose, marry us and then have kids. From their our kids will grow up and as they start their own lives and make a family for themselves, we become grandparents and just wait to die because at this point everything we “wanted” out of life has been fulfilled. It’s almost like we live our entire lives training ourselves to be someone's sister, girlfriend, wife, mom, aunt, godmother, grandmother, etc. And all of these titles are rely on us being the best we can be for someone else.

Needless to say there are male counterparts for these titles. And I’m not discrediting the role a male plays but a matriarch figure is the foundation of all households. And in 2017, the whole concept behind a man being the only bread-winner is not true. More women are becoming the face of top brands and companies. Women can make money, pick the kids up from daycare, cook, clean, help with homework, etc. So our jobs as female is already becoming harder and harder.

These are just my personal thoughts as I think about what I want out of life. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Somebody might not even care for marriage or having kids. Some people also never want to be home owners or travel. As for me everything I listed above is what I am looking forward to. I don't need to sugar coat it. I will be a successful wife and mother and provide for my family the same way my significant other will.

What are your thoughts?