Random thought but do people still believe in prayer? I know religion can be an awkward topic to discuss, but I’m open to different beliefs. Recently, I have noticed that when I get stressed out or I’m in a funk that I lean towards prayer! I don’t know what it is about prayer but it instantly calms my mood. At night, if I find it extremely hard to go to bed because something is bothering me I recite the “Our Father” or just a short prayer in my head. The conversation you have with “God” (or who you pray to) is so important. It’s like having your own venting session about how you are feeling. Sometimes I do this as I am writing my blog posts. And you can’t forget that these conversations don’t only have to happen when you’re in a bad mood. You can take time to thank Him for all he does. I know it’s weird to say a prayer if you feel like you don’t have the right to. Maybe you don’t go to church or live a “holy” life (not even sure what that means) but that doesn’t take away from your relationship with your faith.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to go to a youth group at a church nearby. It was eye opening to see other people my age so involved in their faith. I haven’t been to church in years and that was partly due to working in retail and never having a Sunday off. I mean I’m sure I could have found time another day in the week to go, but I just got busy and on my days off I wanted to rest. Going to church as a child all the way until my senior year of high-school left a strong foundation, but learning about my faith now seems more important than ever. I’m experiencing a time in my life where struggles/successes keep happening one after the other. It’s like I will have a great couple of months filled with work promotions, good health, great blog posts, etc. and then I turn around to bills, car problems, skin issues, etc. and I feel like I can never win. Granted everything we experience are “1st world” problems because we could be in worse positions, but I can’t help to think “why is this happening to me”. However, I continue to learn that “life” happens. You can’t control everything and just because something bad happens in your life it doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person.

I recently prayed on something these past 2 weeks that had to do with my job. I’m in a sticky situation about having to apply for a new position. In general, I am the most anxious and nervous person you will ever meet. I submitted an application and I didn’t hear back about an interview or anything. So, I started to worry like I always do. I spent days with it on my mind and I could barely sleep. I just kept praying on it every day. I finally woke up to an email asking for an interview and my immediate reaction is “God is good”. I work really hard for what I have and I wanted that chance to show what I can offer to this new position. Now, I have that chance. I mean who is to say that I will actually get the position, but all I can do is be grateful to get the opportunity. This whole year has been an eye opener for me to see the things I can accomplish. I’m just ready for more and I have to keep in mind that there’s nothing I can’t handle or overcome.

I know I rambled a little bit here but I wanted to let you guys know how I get through my toughest days. If you would like to share your thoughts on prayer or what you have overcome I would love to read about it.

Oh and pray for me I got that interview this Friday lol 😅

See you guys in my next post!