Speak it into existence...

These past couple of weeks I’ve been THINKING a lot! Asking myself a bunch of questions and wondering where I could find the answers to them.

Recently, I went to Barnes & Nobles, I was looking for some “self-help'“ books. A good read that would stimulate motivation. Skimming through a couple of pages in various books, I noticed a common idea on how to get yourself out of a funk and just start going. It all starts with the little tasks. If you can get through Task A, B and C then by the time you get to Task D it won’t seem that bad at all. So I thought about that in terms of the things I want.

The 3 phrases, in the image, highlight what seems to be my focus recently. It’s like my eyes are wider than ever and I’m finally looking at the big picture. HAPPINESS is key. When I feel it on a daily, it’s like everything else falls into place. Even the most frustrating tasks at work don’t bother me anymore because I know it will get done and I will go back to being happy. This is the same thing with love. Taking things one day at time to really enjoy it. No rushing, no complaining, just experiencing pure bliss.

But I didn't think of things this way until recently. I have to admit I get flustered with wanting to know what’s next in every aspect of my life, but that’s just not possible. I have to take things as they come and for the things I can control I will handle them with care to remain happy. I’ve taken small steps here and there to instill more happiness in my life, whether that be with being more organized or just simply working on myself. I recently started going to the gym. It will be “Week 3” soon and you know it only takes 21 days to start a habit. This is definitely one that makes me proud because I finally get to put me first.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not last either. I just find myself wanting to help those around me as much as possible. And with that I noticed another common theme, SELF-DOUBT. Believe me when I say this used to be me. Pessimistic from every single angle, and I don’t know why. That kind of negativity is just terrible and I feel sorry for anyone who had to witness that from me. But after experiencing it for myself and hearing my friends go through it as well, it really puts things into perspective. People have so much “self-doubt” that they will literally talk themselves out of achieving their own goals.

All you need to do is just start, quit procrastinating and just get it done.

  • You want to have a better job; okay, let’s get working on that resume and introduce you to some people.

  • You want to lose weight; let’s change our eating habits and go to the gym.

  • You want to finish school; let’s look at the classes you need to take and see what works with your budget/schedule.

  • You want to be in a relationship; let’s make sure we continue working on ourselves first so we can build with our partner.

  • You want to save money; let’s look at all your expenses and budget your monthly spend accordingly.

You can find a solution or some positivity out of most situations so just stop and think. And if you don’t know the answer or how to help yourself then ask someone to HELP YOU! No one, unless it’s me, is going to come banging on your door to ask if you need help. Most people either don’t care enough or are just too busy worrying about their own mess. But one thing to remember is that the people who care about you will not let you fail no matter what.

Below are a couple of “Self-Help” books I would recommend reading if you need a little push to get you thinking differently about your problems and understanding how to overcome them: