Eden BodyWorks | Wash & Go

So I’ve been dying to let all you guys know about a product I’ve been using for the past 2 months. I used to obsess over the Mixed Chicks “Curling Custard”, which I still love by the way, but for some reason I couldn’t get defined curls anymore. I guess once you overuse a product it stops working and I have to admit I did have a lot of split ends which added onto the problem.

I went Christmas shopping and stopped by Walmart so I decided to look at the hair products they had available. My curl pattern varies depending on how I apply products and the way my hair dries. So, I found that certain products were just weighting my hair down and that could be why the custard wasn’t working anymore.

I then decided to go for a creme consistency instead. That’s when I can across the Eden BodyWorks: Natural Curl Defining Creme. From past experiences, I knew that cremes weren't going to get the job done on it’s own so I was also looking for a gel product to give my curls some hold. A product from Palmer’s stuck out to me and I grabbed it because it said it was flaxseed gel and from seeing thousands of reviews on Youtube I knew it will help give me more defined curls.

The photo above is my Day 4 hair and I can’t believe how great it looks and how manageable my hair feels. There is so much more movement and it is easier to do different hairstyles, like my go-to half up half down ponytail.

One trick I started doing when applying my products is applying them on very wet hair. This helps retain the moisture and seal in the product. And I still air dry instead of diffusing to help avoid frizz. Another important tip is to trim your ends. If you have split/dead ends, then your hair won’t curl the way you want it to no matter what product you use.

What are your favorite curly hair products?