Natural Makeup Look

Beat Face check, check and check! I don’t normally wear makeup, but I thought writing this post would be a perfect excuse to try some new makeup I bought from Sephora.

But let me tell you the real reason I popped up at Sephora though! I wanted to find out why the hell someone color matched me Shade 290 for FENTY BEAUTY. Like honestly, this color is so gray and ashy on me because it is a neutral undertone. So for months I haven’t been able to wear it, because I look so pale with it on. A different girl at Sephora this time looked at me and right away said oh no you need Shade 310 which is a warm beige tone. I knew it before she even told me. She applied it to my skin and it really matched perfectly. My face is pale so I needed a color that would make my face match my body. And I recently found that if I actually mix both of the shades 290 & 310 I get an even better color match.

Anyways, back to my hunt for more beauty products. While at Sephora, I also wanted a FENTY Beauty highlighter duo because my cousin Perla has one and it’s awesome. Every time I go out with her I have to steal some because that glow is serious. But the sad part is that Sephora was sold out of it! So, instead I got the next best thing Becca Cosmetics: Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter in Champagne Pop. I got the one that comes in a mousse formula instead of the powder because it shows up so much more on the skin to give a dewy finish.

Before I go off on too much of a tangent; I will list all the products I used below to create this look.

Evelin By IA Lashes

Evelin By IA Lashes

My makeup looks are normally really natural. I still haven’t experimented too much with eye shadows so I tend to just stay away from them. When I do my makeup, I normally start off with my brows and lashes. Then, I work my way to foundation and the rest of the skin.

I want to give a special shoutout to Isabel for sending me these lashes. She has a lot of different styles on her website Make sure to go check them out and support her business. ☺️

Do you prefer a more natural makeup look or full glam? Leave your comment below.