Be Positive


I pretty much have been slacking this past week.😞 I’m just stressed. And oddly enough this isn’t from my personal life, it’s mainly work. Just feeling like my hard work is going unnoticed with the assignments I’ve been given. *sigh*  I finally talked about it out loud instead of keeping it inside which helped a lot. 


However, this stress has definitely put a damper on my skin ! Remember when I said I felt like my skin was clearing up when my hair was straight. Not sure if my curly hair really has something to do with it but my skin has been breaking out crazy on my cheeks/jawline. 🙄 I haven’t changed anything about my skin care. I just use Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap and follow up with a moisturizer. I changed my bed sheets and pillow covers. But still each day I get a new breakout. And I don’t put makeup on. I’ve moved on from those days where I feel like I need to hide my scars from friends or coworkers. Like, no I need my skin to breathe and to heal so I’m not covering my face with makeup.


I need suggestions on what I can put on my face, maybe a mask? A couple of friends recommended the Aztec Healing Clay Mask. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I never tried it but what’s the worse that can happen ? More breakouts 🙄 I swear once I find a great skin routine I’m filming it! Sorry for the venting, but I hate not posting on my blog because I’m feeling down. 

Below I listed 3 things that help me when I’m stressed:

3. Write your thoughts down

Sometimes telling someone how you are feeling is not enough. People won't always understand what you are going through and how it makes you feel. So try to take a sheet of paper and express your thoughts on there. You can translate your feeling through music, blogging, poetry, etc. 

2. Focus on a hobby

Put all your energy towards something that makes you happy. This is can keep your mind off of what is actually bothering you. This doesn't fix the issue but it will help you realize all those emotions can be put towards something more productive.

1. Be positive

Things might not always go your way but remember that everything happens for a reason. Try to be as optimistic as you can especially about things that are out of you control. Life HAPPENS and there's nothing we can do about it but be positive.