Cin Talks: 5 Ways to get over someone


I wanted to address this topic because it's something I have dealt with in the past and it does come to my mind time and time again. Getting over someone isn't easy. Notice I said getting over "someone" and not your "ex." Sometimes people don't understand the effect they have on you even as someone you are just talking to. Some situations don't even make it to a relationship before they fail but that doesn't make them any less important.

It took time for me to focus all my energy on working on myself by hitting the gym and paying attention to my blog. Why worry about someone who doesn't want you? I believe in second chances, but when there is no progress or an effort being made enough is enough. I deserve a lot more than what I have been given. This is why I don't bother to look back at my past and continue to move forward.


Below I listed 5 tips that helped me get through some horrible situations from my past:

5. Avoid all contact with him/her

Honestly speaking you will never get over someone until you distance yourself from that person. If this means you need to block them on all social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) then please do it. Next step is to delete their number or put it on the BLOCK list. It sounds very harsh to go to these extremes, but you won't get away from the negativity they bring to your life until you do so. Staying away will also help you from falling back into old habits. 

4. Spend time with friends

Use your friends as a distraction. I am sure your friends won't mind seeing you around again. You might have neglected hanging out with friends because of your significant other. Don't be afraid to reach back out to them so that you can get your mind off of things. Your real friends will understand and won't hesitate to bring you in on the fun again.

3. Give yourself time

You can't get over someone overnight. So don't beat yourself up about it. Everyone needs time to heal. Just know that you won't be in a funk forever. Being upset about someone that isn't even thinking about you is the biggest waste of time. Don't be hung up on someone that finds you replaceable.

2. Focus on yourself

Once you realize what you need to do to make yourself happy you won't look for that in another person. Sometimes in a relationship we tend to put all of our energy into that other person. We lose our desire to focus on the things we love most. Whether that be writing, singing, blogging, photography, sports, etc. Go back to focusing on what you loved doing before the relationship.

1. Know your SELF-WORTH

If you know what you deserve, then you will know when to walk away once someone is giving you less than that. Why bother with someone who makes you settle for the bare minimum??? Don't blame yourself for anything. Nothing is wrong with you. Be happy that you are done with the situation before your emotions got more involved. There are too many people in this world who would love to treat you with all the love and respect you deserve.

FYI: I am not sad! I just wanted to write this post to help someone who is in a bad situation. I want you to make the choice to DEMAND better for yourself instead of settling.