Blogmas Day 4: Donate


During the holidays it’s always fun to give back to the community. Whether you are feeding the homeless or donating gifts you are making someone else’s day a little bit brighter. Sometimes the holidays can bring about selfish thoughts but you have to remind yourself that there are others less fortunate. 

At work, we had a christmas tree decorated with angels. Each angel has a name of a child and what they want for christmas. I picked a girl age 11 who wanted a nail set and a diary with a lock. It was hard finding something that was fit for an 11 yr old but it was really rewarding. I hope she enjoys it.


Hopefully I can participate in giving back to my community a little more as we get closer to Christmas. One thing I love doing is feeding those less fortunate. This past Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to give back to a school in Newark. My team helped create goodie bags filled with canned goods and a turkey to help make Thanksgiving better for those families in need. We also sent care packages for those serving in the military, so they can have snacks while they wait long hours at the airports getting deployed. It really felt good to help those that might not have a strong support system. And it also makes me thankful for the people I have that support me.

Do you guys plan on giving back ? If so, let me know what you have planned.