Blogmas Day 2: Christmas Decorations


My very first Christmas tree is here !!!!!! The perfect way to keep my #blogmas posts interesting is by getting into the Christmas spirit. Myoshi and I promised ourselves we would make sure to get decorations for the holidays right after Thanksgiving. Otherwise, we knew it would never get done. So the Sunday after Thanksgiving we headed out to Dollar Tree at first. We were looking for small decorations for our walls and for our apartment door. Honestly, we didn’t find much of anything. We only picked up a few items just so we wouldn’t walk out empty handed.


We were debating on going to Target but I feel like that place is getting really expensive. We decided on Walmart instead. So we walk in and instantly I was lost because I’ve never been to that specific Walmart and things just seemed out of place. Myoshi asked one of the workers there where we could find a Christmas tree and who would have thought there was an entire section labeled “Christmas Shop” lol.  We rushed over there and started looking at the different trees. So of course we wanted a fake tree. We liked one that seemed to be the perfect size. It was just about 6 ft. tall and it was white. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it in stock anymore. I mean considering it was only $30 I knew that wasn’t going to last long. We ended up going with another tree in green for $40. It was a little bit taller, 6.5 ft.


From there were started looking at decorations for the tree. The debate really came between adding silver or gold decorations. I like silver because it goes with our general theme in our apartment already, however gold looks better with red ornaments. So we decided to stick with gold and from there Myoshi found a really cool tree topper of a gold reindeer. I’m used to having a star or bow at the top, but this was different and cute.

For the lights, we decided to go with normal white lights since the ornaments were an assortment of red and gold pieces. We also bought gold snowflakes, random gold pieces, a gold skirt and candy canes to add to the tree. I picked up white garner to place on the branches to look like snow. To add on to the decorations I thought it would be cool to add walls decals to our living room. I just didn’t want to nail anything to the wall and every time we try to get command strips it’s like never strong enough. So, we got wall decals to decorate and 2 stockings. Here are some pictures showing you guys how our decorations came out. I hope you like it !

I would love to see pictures of your Christmas decorations so make sure to comment with some pictures below. Also, let me know what are your favorite places to get holiday decorations from.