Fun In The Sun


Reminiscing back to my birthday trip last year...

Jamaica was my first trip outside the country with just me and my friends. It was my 23rd birthday. Getting ready for the trip was no joke. My friends and I started hitting the gym every day, cutting out bread and pasta from our diets, drinking protein shakes and basically just getting ourselves swimsuit ready.

Oddly enough, planning the trip wasn't even the hardest part. My sister referred one of her friends who is a travel agent to me to help book my birthday trip. He previously helped me book my Bahamas trip the year before. I will have a link at the end of this post with his contact information because honestly he makes planning a trip so much easier.

Shopping for Jamaica became a little of a struggle because it was off season for swimsuits and beachwear. Majority of the items I purchased were ordered online.


First day we arrived we explored the hotel area. It was very clean and beautiful. The water was crystal blue and the staff was extremely welcoming. Most of the trip we spent our time in the pool and soaking some sun at the beach. Honestly if you go on vacation just make sure it is an all inclusive trip because that way you have nothing to worry about. You will have an unlimited amount of drinks and food. The food in Jamaica was really good. The buffet style at the resort was good and outside the resort there was so much flavor and spice to their food. The jerk chicken was all anybody could talk about.

Bar inside the pool

Bar inside the pool


We did take 2 days from our trip to do some exploring and excursions. We tried zip lining which was scary at first but was really fun. We rode on dune buggies as well as horses. I have never really been on a horse on my own but the experience was exciting. The view of the mountains was amazing.

Airport in Jamaica

Airport in Jamaica


Overall, I had a great time on my birthday trip. I love seeing and learning about different cultures. This year I will be going to Costa Rica for my 24th birthday!!! I definitely want to post a vlog this time around because a video will help capture the moment a lot better than a photo.

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