Cin Talks: What are you insecure about?


Coming to terms with your own insecurities is probably the hardest thing to do. So just imagine how it must feel discussing it with another person.

One of the biggest insecurities I had to deal with in my past was my weight. Around the 7th grade I was a litte chubby and the only thing that helped me get through it was taking dance classes. I literally shed all of the weight. As I got older I started getting involved in sports which helped keep me at a steady weight. Now, I'm happy with my body. I'm comfortable in the clothes I wear. The only thing I try to do now is eat healthy and exercise whenever I can.

Aside from my weight, the main insecurity I struggled with and still do til this day is my SKIN. Anyone who has ever dealt with bad acne should know exactly how I feel. My acne started getting out of hand when I was in high school. I would have breakouts after breakouts. Literally as I was getting over one pimple another one would start forming. There were days I didn't even want to go to school because my skin looked so bad. I didn't even want to look at myself in the mirror. I kept picking at my pimples hoping they would disappear, but all I got were acne scars. Honestly, makeup couldn't even help me. My makeup ended up looking very cakey.

It didn't help that my parents would point out how bad my skin was getting. I had to go to a dermatologist and crazy enough I turned out to be allergic to benzoyl peroxide which is a product found in majority of acne treatments. This definitely explained why so many acne treatments irritated my skin more than usual.

Once I reached college, I was able to get past my acne scars because I learned how to apply my makeup a lot better. I subscribed to so many YouTube channels trying to see different things I could try to help hide my scars. I then transitioned from drugstore makeup to Sephora and MAC products which also helped a lot. The more I started focusing on my makeup I was surprised to see that my skin began to clear up a bit. My acne was definitely related to my stress levels and poor eating habits.

(Photo without makeup)

(Photo without makeup)

As of right now my skin isn't amazing but it's definitely perfect for me. I recently challenged myself to go without any makeup for about a month. The improvement it made in my skin was amazing. Now, I feel comfortable going to work or going out without any makeup at all. That is something I thought I would never be able to do. Even when I'm dating someone I get a bit embarrassed on how my skin looks, but I am past that now. Nobody is perfect.

ADVICE: Pay close attention to the products you use as well as the food you eat. You have to try your best to do things that will promote good health and skin care if you want those results. Also, try not to stress over things you can't control. You will breakout and as easy as it popped up it will go away. Patience is key !